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Ms. Liu: (+86)18621521328


Email: joyce@shshangquan.com


Mr. Azfar Kazmi: (+86)15202104812

General Manager (China) / CEO (Pakistan)

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Engineering Manager

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Shanghai Upper Spring Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd is professional company, which is committed to technology development, production, sales and aftermarket services of the membrane separation technology, environmental equipment and water treatment systems.  SUSEP has fulfilled a lot of pure water, waste water treatment projects around the country with extensive experience in pure water and waste water treatment projects and design, applications of membrane separation technology and equipment building. We have lots of success references in the textile, electronics, pharmaceutical, electroplating, chemical industry, desalination and other industries.

With a high-level of standards as well as a strong scientific research and development strength, Shanghai Upper Spring Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd has a highly qualified and dedicated team of water treatment professionals specialized in turnkey water treatment projects. We are proud of ourselves because of our powerful and innovative strength of water analysis, testing, project design and installation, equipment building, commissioning, equipment maintenance, operation training and etc.



Experience and Technology


Complete In-House Capability

  • Engineering
  • Lab Testing
  • Pilot Testing
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Services
  • Turnkey Systems Including tanks, pumps and controls



Our Core Technologies

  • Sea Water Desalination
  • membrane Diffuser
  • UF (Ceramic Membrane, Hollow Fiber, Tubluar Membrane, MBR)
  • RO/NF
  • Electro-Deionization
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Waste water Treatment ( Industrial waste water, municipal waste water, agricultural waste water, Petrochemical waste water)